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About Last Night

Rated R

for sexual content, language and brief drug use

Bernie and Danny are the best of friends, but total opposites in many ways. They have completely different takes on relationships and how to maneuver the complicated world of sex and dating. Joan and Debbie are roommates that appear to share the same dynamic as their counterparts, Danny and Bernie. Bernie and Joan meet at a bar an end up sharing a sexually torrid night that ends up being the first of many. When Bernie and Joan bring along their friends, Danny and Debbie, to meet on their first real date the two couples are formed and the two different styles of relationships are put on full display. Bernie and Joan antagonize each other, relentlessly. Danny and Debbie attempt to pursue the more traditional route of building a relationship.

About Last Night is the modern retelling of the 1986 film of the same name. Both movies are adaptations of the David Mamet play Sexual Perversity in Chicago. David Hart takes on the comedic role of Bernie while Michael Ealy plays the more serious Danny. Regina Hall is Hart’s hilarious counterpart as Joan with Joy Bryant rounding out the cast as Debbie.

Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are the backbone of this movie; their comedic chemistry is a joy to watch. Almost every scene with the two of them is pure comedic gold. While their relationship is not meant to be the centerpiece of the movie, Hart and Hall make their character’s story more than just added depth. As you watch Hart and Hall verbally abuse one another you can’t help but laugh and think about the couples you know that share those same characteristics. As the story progresses you find yourself hoping Bernie and Joan can find a way to make their dynamic work, just to be different.

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant take on the polar opposite roles from Hart and Hall. The two of them take you on the ride that is building a meaningful relationship in the modern era. Danny and Debbie are honest and caring towards each other, both seeming to be willing to give whatever it takes to make their relationship a success. The story they tell is as emotional and as complicated as any real relationship would be. From their first meeting to their first relationship obstacles, their story keeps you guessing and looking for that issue that breaks them up.

The story is not a very complicated, or even unpredictable, instead it is very easy to follow and appreciate. The movie uses candid sexual encounters, funny supporting actors and even an interesting cameo to keep you on your toes. They even use a scene to redefine the term “chicken-head” in a way that makes you laugh out loud while also feeling very awkward having seen it.

As Valentine’s Day is here, About Last Night is a great choice to see if you are looking for a date night movie to share with a better half. The comedy is perfect, the emotion is real and the story is interesting. About Last Night is a well-done remake of another well-done movie and is very worth seeing.

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