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(Rated R)
In Theaters: 9/27/2013


Chris Hemsworth
Daniel Bruhl

Directed By:
Ron Howard

Written By:
Peter  Morgan

1970s Europe

Rush tells the story of the 1976 Formula 1 Driver’s Championship, the golden age of Formula 1 racing. The story focuses on the intense professional and personal rivalry between drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Each driver was willing to do whatever it took to be the better driver, including risking his own life.

My Take:
Chris Hemsworth takes a break from his recent  role as Thor, in the Avengers series of movies, to  take on the role of British playboy Formula 1 driver James Hunt.  Hemsworth’s portrayal of Hunt takes the viewer on the rollercoaster that he experienced as he rose from the doldrums of Formula 3 racing, earned and lost his first ride in Formula 1, and his all-consuming desire to beat Niki Lauda. The drinking, drugs and women that made up the off-track life of James Hunt are perfectly included in Hemsworth’s take on the figure.

The role of the genius Austrian driver Niki Lauda was perfectly portrayed by virtually unknown German actor Daniel Bruhl. Bruhl was introduced to US audiences in the 2009 Tarrantino film,”Inglourious Basterds” but has not been prominently featured in US film since that time.  Lauda is portrayed as a cold, methodical, statistics based driver that refuses to take any risk that doesn’t promise to yield rewards.  As the story of Niki Lauda’s quest to repeat as the Driver’s Champion in 1976 unfolds, Bruhl gives audiences an undeniable view of the pain that Luada experienced and the sacrifices he made to contend for the title.

The Academy Award winning director Ron Howard took the helm of Rush and delivered a movie with great acting and even better visual appeal. Howard expertly developed Lauda and Hunt into the exact opposites that they were back in 1976. He leads you to almost look at Lauda as villain; he gets you so close to that decision, and then dramatically convinces you that is closer to hero. For James Hunt, Howard pours it on with scene after scene of Hunt being completely reckless in every phase of his life, and emphasizing the consequences he faces as a result of that recklessness.

Howard relied heavily on racing action to supply the needed energy to counteract the cold dry demeanor of Lauda and validate the bravado of Hunt. The viewer is given multiple perspectives in following the race action: inside the engine views, driver point-of-view shots, and standard racing angles were all expertly used. Also, the racing scenes that were used were actually filmed at various tracks around Europe using vintage and replica cars from the era to give the scenes an even more authentic feel.

All things considered, Rush delivers with great acting, great visuals and a good pace. The film is a guaranteed Academy Award nomination for Best Picture. Find this movie in a theatre near you and be sure to catch it on the big screen.