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Natash Leggero is one of the funniest comedians touring today, her elitist character and take on current social norms will leave you sweating from laughter. Her routine contains her hilarious takes on toilet-babies, music, poor people, pop figures and so much more. Inspired by the downward spiral of popular culture Natasha has decided to add some class and style in poking fun at the elements of society that she finds funny.

Leggero is a regular on the hit E! late night show Chelsea Lately and has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno along with several other late night shows. She provided her voice to the character Claire Maggotbone on the Comedy Central show Ugly Americans and can be seen in guest starring roles in Reno 911! and many other shows. Her hugely successful comedy album Coke Money is a must listen.

Natasha will bring her comedic style to Goodnight’s Comedy Club in Raleigh Thursday, December 26 – Saturday, December 28 for 5 shows. Tickets are available HERE.

In advance of her local shows, Natasha took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions…

MAS – I read in another interview that you did a while back that you think that something happens to people early in life to make them decide to be a comedian. What happened to you to make you choose comedy as your path to fame and fortune?

Natasha Leggero – I’m assuming mine was just the usual boring stuff, not getting enough love from at least one parent.  I wish I was slashed in an alley or something then I’d probably be richer!

MAS – Your takes on the less flattering parts of our society are spot on. Your CD, Coke Money, felt like a hilarious social commentary. Have your opinions or jokes ever put you in a position of being confronted by someone that took your show a little too seriously?

Natasha Leggero – Yes.  Once on the Tonight Show I said that I met Snooki and she didn’t know what epilepsy was. (True Story)  So I told Snooki” you know when you’re in the hot tub and you start shaking and vomiting uncontrollably it’s like that.”  And I got massive amounts of hate mail from people with Epilepsy. The Tonight Show is apparently big with the Epilepsy demographic!

MAS – Has fear of backlash regarding political correctness ever factored into you performances? Are you ever afraid that a joke may have crossed a line?

Natasha Leggero – No.

{I cannot help but think that she is just dying for the next TLC “I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant” type of show to come on.}

MAS – Who do you test out your new material on?

Natasha Leggero – An audience. Once in a while at the dry cleaners. I’ve never not bombed at the dry cleaners.

{She does not have a “home club” that other acts have told me that they like to use for testing new material}

MAS – Do you feel like you have to work to a different standard as a woman in comedy as compared to the men that are successful today?

Natasha Leggero – No.

{A bit surprised that she did not have more of an opinion on this considering how outspoken she has been in the past}

MAS – How have you handled juggling your stand-up successes while still pursuing TV and film?

Natasha Leggero – I have a lovely wife who takes care of all of my needs.  She watches the kids while I’m away, makes me breakfast, does my laundry.  I’m very lucky.

MAS – Are there any projects that you have in the works that you are looking forward to?

Natasha Leggero – I have a new web show Tubbin’ with Tash where I interview people in my hot tub. I’m also a regular in the new seasons of Suburgatory on ABC and Betas on Amazon.  I’ll also be in the new movie “Let’s Be Cops” opposite Jake Johnson.