Hercules – Trailer Review

Posted: July 22, 2014 by whipkitty in All, Movies, Trailers
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A Brett Ratner film. Are there any more hateful words in the English language? Can’t think of any, myself, except maybe X-Men: The Last Stand, a Brett Ratner film.

So, Brett Ratner did a Hercules movie with Dwayne Johnson. I suppose the artist formerly known as The Rock doesn’t entirely suck. He was in Southland Tales, after all. Can he play Hercules? Well, he’s no Steve Reeves but he sort of looks alright all oiled up and draped in leather, if you squint.

Apparently, in this version of the Hercules legend there are lots of dead bodies and sandals. Also, Ian McShane is talking while The Rock wanders through various topographical features, including snow, forests, swamps, caves, and mountains. Cerberus is there, then blood pours from a cup, then children cry. Maybe Hercules took their candy, because if I remember my Greek legends properly he was kind of a dick to women and children.

The narrator changes from Ian McShane to some chick while we get quick cuts to Hercules doing more stuff. In this movie, stuff is done and make no mistake. He lusts after some girly wearing too much make-up but with very pretty hair, he rides on a chariot while his adoring fans chant his name, he fights a great big lion armed only with a wooden bow and two guns (meaning his arms).

Then he proclaims that he only wants to be a husband and father while Joseph Fiennes (?) nods his head in such a way that you just know his character can’t be trusted. Semi-naked lady, same lady getting kidnapped and or eaten by Cerberus. Yes, mix up the sex and the violence. Give the people what they want Brett Ratner!
Mood change—now there are snakes and the third narrator of the trailer is blaming the Gods for the death of Hercules’ family. And that’s not all. The Gods are super pissed (again, if I remember my Greek legends that was a pretty much a constant) and decide to unleash Hell on Earth. Now John Hurt is talking about the descendants of Hades, and they look pretty cool as they emerge from the ground.

Weirdly, now a Queen of the Stone Age start playing over a battle scene. Shot stolen from Ridley Scott, Ian McShane again, Hercules punching evil in the face. Random stupid CGI creatures more or less from 47 Ronin, Hercules swings a huge penis metaphor, line more or less stolen from Braveheart. Fires! Hot chick doing battle gymnastics! Some light BDSM play with a whip, Ian McShane is pissed off and Dwayne Johnson screams I! Am! HERCULES! Any now I can’t stop picturing him screaming that at whatever person he’s managed to coax into bed after a hard night of clubbing.

I hope I don’t get stuck watching this. I really, really hope.


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