Eastern Carolina Style Interviews: Trace Adkins

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Trace Adkins is a country music superstar in the purest sense of the word. Since his debut single, There’s a Girl in Texas, reached the top of the charts 18 years ago, Adkins has become one of the most successful country music artists of this era. He has released over 10 full albums and sold over 7 million records. He has won CMT Awards, Academy of Country Music awards, and been nominated for 4 different Grammy Awards.

On Wednesday, December 10th at 8:00pm at the Crown Theater, Trace Adkins will debut his latest artistic endeavor to local audiences when his Christmas Show tour comes to town for the night.

ECS – Why have you chosen venues like the one in Fayettevile?

TA – This is a theatre show. It is kind of like a one man play, which is one of the reasons why I am a nervous wreck every night before I go out there. It is not what I normally do, I usually just go out there and put my foot in the floor and do a 75 or 90 minute concert. This is different, it has narration an actual script. This is such a different animal. It really lends itself to theatres.

ECS – Tell me about the music that the audience can expect

TA – Musically, this is the most beautiful project that I have ever been a part of. There is a 12 piece ensemble behind me, everything that you need for the Cetlic feel. We wanted it to have that very traditional feel. If you had heard these old Christmas carols performed a hundred years ago they probably would have sounded like this, as far as the instrumentation goes. That is really what we were shooting for.

ECS – This is a bit of an ambitious endeavor for you artistically. What made you decide to do it?

TA – I love that type of music and I always have. I don’t know what it is about that music, but it touches me in a primal place, it always has. This was the first opportunity I ever had to actually perform that type of music. I get an incredible amount of gratification from it.

ECS – What is it that you are trying to get across to the audience with this show?

TA – The way I end the show, not to give anything away. The King’s Gift, the title of the album, comes from the song The Little Drummer Boy. He goes to see the newborn king and he has no expensive gifts to give but he does have his talent, which is to play the drum. That is what he gives, and that is my message to people. The best gifts we to each other don’t have price tags on them. They are the gifts of time, talents, and love. That was the meaning behind the title of the album, The King’s Gift.

ECS – Fayetteville is the type of city that you would normally do very well in; old school pro wrestling fans, NASCAR fans, blue collar and military. But, that would apply to one of your traditional shows. How do you think your fans will take to this type of music from you?

TA – They will love it! This is just old school Christmas songs. Those people that you just described are the ones that will have no problem calling it a Christmas show. It is not a holiday show, it’s a Christmas show.

ECS – Is this tour something that you would like to do every year?

TA – I really enjoy doing this show. It makes me nervous and anxious about it every night, but I do enjoy doing it. Musically it is the most beautiful thing that I have ever been a part of. Standing in front of that 12 piece ensemble every night to do this music is a thrill to me. As long as I can sing these songs to level that I am happy with, I can see myself doing this tour for as long as I can do it. If this show doesn’t light the fire of your holiday spirit, then your wood is wet.



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