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Crown Center

Fayetteville, NC

January 17, 2014

Bill Cosby …Far From Finished

This January, one of America’s most beloved comedians of all time will take the stage in Fayetteville.

He has captivated generations of fans with his comedy, iconic albums & best- selling books like Fatherhood and his current best-seller, I Didn’t Ask to Be Born, But I’m Glad I Was. Cosby transcends age, gender and cultural barriers.

Cosby broke TV’s racial barrier with I Spy, becoming the first African-American to costar on a TV series while winning 3 consecutive Emmys. He created and produced the Emmy-winning cartoon Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids. Perhaps Cosby’s greatest contribution to American entertainment & culture is The Cosby Show, which features a close-knit, upper class black family. For more information, please visit

Tickets: HERE